Welcome to the Purdue CTF team! If you are interested in system security, reverse engineering, cryptography, or forensics, want to learn new practical skills in these areas, and want to use these skills in competitions against other teams, then you should join us!

Capture The Flag competitions are a fun way to measure your hacking skills against other teams (from other universities, private companies, or underground teams). A contest usually consists of several challenges that you have to solve or services you have to protect/attack. CTFTime has a list of challenges and some description on what CTF actually is.

The b01lers club meets once a week to learn about new techniques, to discover new practical skills by solving challenges, and to train for upcoming CTF games. The Purdue b01lers CTF team is formed out of the participating people in the training sessions.

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Join us

Our WEEKLY SESSIONS are Mondays at 6:00 P.M. in HAAS 143.

Interested in CTFs?

Come meet us during one of our sessions or get your fingers dirty by trying Vortex or other OverTheWire wargames!

Get in touch

#b01lers on Freenode
Join the mailing list.
ctf-board@lists.purdue.edu to reach the club board, for info or questions about administrative stuff.
ctf@lists.purdue.edu is our moderated mailing list for member discussions.


Faculty advisor: Mathias Payer
President: Bader AlBassam
Vice President: John Kansky
Treasurer: Connor McMillin
Secretary: Nathan Peercy
Webadmin: Rowan Hart